Expanding Skills in Yoga communities




Bending Towards Justice is honored to offer one-on-one support to Yoga Teachers, Studio Owners, Community Leaders & Yoga Students who are seeking guidance on deepening their power analysis, building compassionate action skills, and overall integration of social justice and yogic values. 

This personalized support is for you if...
...you have attended one of our trainings and are looking for further guidance to grow your personal awareness of power and privilege, and how that might unintentionally be playing out in how you show up in the world. 
...you are a Yoga Teacher and you haven't attended one of our trainings, but you are committed to reducing harm in your classroom and you'd like support cultivating the skills to rise to that calling. 
...as a yoga student you have personally experienced or witnessed problematic or hard interactions in your beloved yoga studio/organization and you'd like advice on how to either hold that as a community stakeholder or call in your leaders to address it directly. 
...you are a studio owner or stakeholder  interested in discussing how to create a truly authentic and inclusive studio culture
...you lead a Yoga Teacher Training  and you are seeking guidance on how to support your staff and teachers-in-training to continue developing these skills outside of one-off trainings.

Whether you are interested in one-off coaching calls to chew on something specific, or are hoping for ongoing mentorship with our seasoned practitioners and instructors- Bending Towards Justice is thrilled to create a pathway to directly and personally support your commitment to reducing harm in yoga spaces. 

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