Expanding Skills in Yoga communities


In our trainings, we examine the ways in which injustice insidiously enters yoga studios, retreats and trainings, and how as teachers and practitioners, we can unknowingly perpetuate the oppression of our society in ways that include: racism, homophobia, misogyny, transphobia, ableism, and ageism.

In the supportive and judgment-free environment of these trainings, we take a look at ourselves and what brings us to this work, and reflect on what our life experiences allow us to see or not to see, in the world and in our yoga classes. We learn some techniques and strategies to create equitable, diverse classrooms, while also learning to hold space for the pain and resilience that we each bring into the room. Students leave empowered with the tools of mindfulness and awareness to recognize oppression, power, and privilege and through a commitment to love, class by class, to change the world to be one of justice and unconditional embrace.