Expanding Skills in Yoga communities



Avi-Rose is a sustainably-busy queer who loves finding acceptance and resolve in the face of a complex world. Her roots and realities include a tangle of working class lessons, artistic lineage, disabilities, intergenerational trauma, white-skin privilege, and unmeasurable resilience and laughter. Rising from and growing within these contexts, Avi-Rose dedicates her movements to creating personal and collective liberation by cultivating Justice and Joy in equal parts.

Her work in the world has included advocacy and community organizing, political education coordination, domestic work and event management. Avi-Rose currently works as a caregiver/health aide, yoga and meditation teacher, facilitator, and holistic health practitioner. She has also been known to be found doing graduate coursework, making medicine, finding balance in an asana or schedule, dancing, collaborating, and crafting her heart out.